Paige Through the Holidays (paperback) by Ginny B. Nescott

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    Turning a New Paige: A Groundhog Day Romance

    More than her car is snowed in on Groundhog Day...
    The loss of her job spurs Paige Myers to a rash decision. She needs a new start. With her car packed to the roof, she leaves behind her expensive Atlanta apartment and ex-boyfriend and heads to her aunt's home in the snowy north. When a storm forces her to seek refuge in a small town restaurant, a flamboyant waiter introduces her to his hot, straight cousin celebrating his Groundhog Day birthday.
    Paige isn’t looking for a man, but this one is hard to resist, especially when her car gets plowed in and he’s offering a warm room at the B&B. Rebound or not, it’s a Groundhog Day that melts more than the ice around them.

    A Paige in Cupid's Book: A Valentine's Day Romance

    His touch could melt the snow surrounding her...

    After leaving her life in Atlanta, Amelia Paige Myers lands on the doorstep of her aunt’s inherited farmhouse in the dead of a Pennsylvania winter. Instead of a quick fix, Paige’s temporary home is hoarded to the rafters and needs serious work. Her new-found love “interest” is there to help but distracts her with his sizzling touch. She's not sure if Michael's a rebound or the real thing, but their romance and a fast approaching Valentine's Day inspires a little matchmaking.

    Clocks, a cat, roses, and a cranky aunt who doesn't believe in love—things never go according to planned, and time is running out. Paige could sure use a page from Cupid's book.

    Paige's Lucky Charm: A St. Patrick's Day Romance

    Temporary job, temporary home...will her hot new guy be temporary, too?

    With a bounce to her step, southern-bred Paige Meyers looks like she has it all together. Far from the truth. Her family’s inherited farmstead is a snow-covered shamble and a hoarded mess. Each touch from her man, Michael Lukas, sends her reeling, but he’s only in town on business. She can’t keep track of the growing renovations, her free-spirited aunt or the crazy cat, let alone tight schedules and her own wits. Her funds are shrinking, and the clock is ticking away to the possible end-date on her heart-pounding time with Michael.

    Everything collides with weighty decisions made lighter with green drinks and new friends on St. Patrick’s Day. If only her luck will hold.


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Paige Through the Holidays (paperback)

Paige Through the Holidays (paperback)

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