Heart of a Highlander (paperback) by Maxine Mansfield

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  • ISBN Print: 978-1-5092-2520-0

    ISBN Digital: 978-1-5092-2521-7

    Page Count: 262

    Word Count: 69683

    Rated: 1 Rose

    Real Men Wear Kilts

    Former Staff Sergeant Ian Mackay didn't care if he lived or died. He'd left what really mattered strewn across Afghanistan three years ago. All the self-help groups and doctors in the world couldn't assuage his guilt. But when an accident takes his life and Fate steps in with an offer to fix what was once unfixable, he jumps at the second chance to save his men. Now he's stuck in a strange land, in an even stranger time, and expected to bed his equally strange but desirable new bride.
    Healer Aila Gordan of the Sutherland clan thought her betrothed dead, had even seen his lifeless body the night before their wedding. Why then is her sworn enemy, Ian Mackay, standing before the priest, waiting for her to repeat the vows that would make her his wife? The fairies must have possessed his body, a frightening notion, indeed. But marriage to the handsome laird, possessed or otherwise, couldn't be any worse than living in her brother's castle where, like all women in 1643 Scotland, she has no freedom. And if the kiss at the altar is any indication, she could just steal the heart of a highlander.


    Sometimes it takes more than one lifetime to find true love…

    The priest looped the end of the swatch of plaid about their wrists for a third time. “Will ye share each other’s pain and burdens and laughter and tears as ye travel through this life?”

    Again, Ian nodded, no longer trusting himself to even try and speak.

    Just as before, Aila said, “Aye,” loudly and clearly.

    Once again, the priest looped the fabric about their wrists, but this time he tied the two ends into a secure knot. “As much as Ian and Aila have consented ta be joined in marriage before God and these witnesses, it is the decree of the church that their lives be long, their loins fruitful, and their days be filled with plenty.”

    He turned in a circle with his arms stretched wide before once more facing Ian and Aila. “May the elements be always with ye. From the East, may the air breath inta ye a purity of heart along with the rising of the sun each new day. May the South, with its fire, fill ye with passion even during the darkest of winter nights. May the water from the West give ye peace even in times of great sorrow. And from the North and its element of earth, may yer lands feed ye and yer people, and may ye always prosper.”

    And with that, Ian Mackay, former staff sergeant from almost four hundred years in the future and from itty-bitty Johnsville, Ohio, was now a married laird in the 1643 highlands of Scotland.


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Heart of a Highlander (paperback)

Heart of a Highlander (paperback)

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