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Bedroom Eyes by Desiree Holt

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  • ISBN Digital: 978-1-5092-1147-0

    Page Count: 149

    Word Count: 33868

    Bridget Reilly hides what she sees as a deformity behind a pair of dark glasses. Fortunately, they also hide her lust for the gorgeous Navy SEAL living next door. When a masked ball provides an opportunity to enjoy a glorious night of anonymous erotic sex with the hottie of her dreams, she’s all over that. She soon realizes she's replaced one disguise with another and revealing the truth is not an option.

    But when plastic surgery corrects Bridget’s problems, will he see past her deceit to the love she feels for him or walk away without looking back?


    “A bet?”

    “Uh-huh. I predict you’ll meet a mysterious woman. She won’t even tell you her real name. She’ll tempt you and tease you and make you want to sweep her off her feet.”

    Clay’s mouth kicked up in a grin. “That right? You guaranteeing it?”

    “I said I’d bet with you, didn’t I?” She shoved her hands in the pockets of her shorts, waiting tensely for his answer. “Well? You gonna put your money where your mouth is?”

    He laughed. “Okay. A bet. Loser buys dinner.”

    “You’re on.” She held out her hand.

    Clay’s grip was firm and warm. Bridget had expected that, but she hadn’t been prepared for the jolt of electricity that sizzled up her arm and through her body. She pulled her hand back quickly, doing her best to ignore the gleam of mischief in Clay’s eyes.

    “I certainly hope so,” he teased.

    Bridget’s cheeks turned hot. This was just harmless flirting, something Clay probably did as naturally as he breathed. But for her, this was a scarce commodity. Once men got a look at her eyes, all flirting was off the table.

    “I-I have to go.” She hurried up the driveway, calling over her shoulder, “Good luck. And I expect a full report.”

    “If it turns out the way you predict,” he answered, “don’t look for too many details.”

    If only this works.


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Bedroom Eyes

Bedroom Eyes

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